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Candles 101: How to properly burn your candle

Candles 101: How to properly burn your candle - Sequin Sand, LLC

The fall is just around the corner so we must start preparing to enter in a cozy mood. In order to do that, one of the essentials of the season are candles. You can find them in a great variety of materials, sizes, colors, and scents perfects for any taste!

Pssst! Our candles are made of American soy wax, an eco-friendly and renewable wax. Our scents have notes of woodsage & sea salt , and cedarwood, vanilla, rose & jasmine . The minimal design looks elegant, and is the perfect touch to elevate any space! 

Once you have chosen the ideal candle for you, it's time to light it. Here are some pro tips and tricks that will extend the life and scent of your candles.

- Use the proper tools. Before lighting your candle, you must cut the wick. Instead of using a pair of scissors, invest in a wick trimmer and snuffer, they will enhance your candle lighting experience.

- Cut the wicks. With a wick trimmer, cut the wicks at 1/8″. This will help to have a better initial burn, which is beneficial in the long term for your candle. If there is any smoke, extinguish the flame, trim again and relight.

- Take out the trimmings. Don’t forget to take out the wick trimmings of the candle, nothing other than wax should be inside the candle.

- Wicks must be upright. Once you have cut the wicks, verify that they are pointing upwards, if not, you can warm up the wick by holding a flame next to it and straighten it out.

- The initial burn. Here comes the fun part, when you burn a candle for the first time, it's recommended to let it burn for 2-3 hours (depending on the size). This will create an even layer of hot wax in the entire surface, in the long run it will avoid divots, valleys, tunnels, and uneven surfaces that will shorten the life of your candles.

- Don’t move a hot candle. Once the candle is burning, be mindful not to move it. This, apart from being dangerous, will mess with the even layer of wax, which will create uniformities inside the candle.

- Use a lid or snuffer to blow it out. As romantic as it is to blow out your candles, you should use a snuffer or lid instead. Blowing out your candles can ruin the wick and mess up the wax.

- Use matches over a lighter. This is a game changer. The use of lighters burn the inside of your candle and in the long term creates a black ring that will damage your candle. Use large matches to prevent this. If you get any dark rings on the inside of your candle, wait for the wax to cool and harden completely before wiping them away.

Follow these tips for the ultimate relaxing experience with your candles! Happy burning!

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