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Candles 101: How to properly burn your candle

The fall is just around the corner so we must start preparing to enter in a cozy mood. In order to do that, one of the essentials of the season are candles. You can find them in a great variety of materials, sizes, colors, and scents perfects for any taste! Pssst! Our candles are made of American soy wax, an eco-friendly and renewable wax. Our scents have notes of woodsage & sea salt , and cedarwood, vanilla, rose & jasmine . The minimal design looks elegant, and is the perfect touch to elevate any space!  Once you have chosen the ideal candle for you, it's time to light it. Here are some pro tips and tricks that will extend the life and scent of your candles. - Use the proper tools. Before lighting your candle, you...

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